5. Explaining Somebody’s Real Functions and Character

5. Explaining Somebody’s Real Functions and Character

As mentioned before, the community can change as time passes. However, you nonetheless still need to utilize ‘Ser’ in cases like this. Take a look example:

Fui enfermera en 10 anos, ahora soya ama de- casa I happened to be a nursing assistant for 10 many years, now i’m a homemaker

See that you employ ‘Ser’ within its previous mode to share their dated occupation and you may ‘Ser’ with its expose setting to talk about the current job.

cuatro. Exploit or Your personal? Expressing Possession

However, there are many an easy way to speak about possesions inside Foreign-language, one common way to help you it is with the verb ‘Ser’. When using the verb ‘Ser’ in cases like this, you’re particular pinpointing the item and its holder. Understand that there are various a means to speak about possesions in the Language.

Bear in mind that from inside the Foreign language brand new noun additionally the verb need certainly to concur inside count. Also, this new adjective plus this case the latest possessive pronoun has to concur in amount and gender. Note that the earlier examples had been based on your personal property. Although not, whenever speaking of somebody else’s property you may have two possibilities. Either you fool around with good possessive pronoun or if you utilize the adopting the structure:

When these are a person’s physical features and you will identity i constantly explore ‘Ser’. Either, this new Spanish sound system explore ‘Ser’ and you can ‘Estar’ interchangeably in such a case. Although not, we use ‘Ser’ to generally share inherent functions. Here badoo are a few really popular physical features that actually work to your verb ‘Ser’.

Composition and you may Height

Whenever you are to describe another person’s peak or composition, you should do they to the verb ‘Ser’. Check out examples.

Why sometimes you might pay attention to this type of phrases into verb ‘Estar? Because they’re talking about brief says. Put simply, you could potentially declare that your brother ‘esta gordo’ to share with you that he could have been dinner a great deal and then he attained lbs. Although not, in such a case, their absolute composition isn’t weight.

Skin’s, Eyes’, Hair’s Color

This really is several other actual attribute that people determine on the verb ‘Ser’. To do which, you need to use the possessive pronouns.

Detailing a person’s Character

Exactly as i use ‘Ser’ to describe somebody’s appareance, we additionally use it once we need certainly to talk about the personality.

6. Discussing an object

Exactly as i explore ‘Ser’ whenever discussing a person’s actual features or identity, we additionally use they to describe an item. Listed here are some of the most common services that really work having ‘Ser’.


Although you most likely not gonna be speaking of information and you may textiles right through the day, you should know that this other very common use of the verb ‘Ser’. As soon as you are in this situation, be sure to utilize the after the design.

Even although you you will change keyword by word the latest English terms ‘is established of’, into the verbal Foreign-language, i have fun with ‘ser de’ to talk about product. Additionally, remember that for folks who translate word by word, you should need to use this new verb ‘Estar’. Regardless of the alternative you decide on, both are best.


Each time you want to determine a keen object’s shape otherwise consistency, you can make use of new verb ‘Ser’. Even though this does not appear very common to possess a conversation, remember that being able to define an item is quite beneficial if you are understanding an alternative words therefore have no idea or dont contemplate an object’s label.

Even if you have not thought about it, speaking of a great thing’s size is quite popular into the a conversation. Very guarantee that, you use the best verb.

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